Joana Choumali, born in 1974, is a fine art photographer based in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. She studied Graphic Arts in Casablanca (Morocco) and worked as an Art Director in an advertising agency before embarking on her photography career.

She works primarily on conceptual portraiture, mixed media and documentary. She uses her photography to explore her own identity. Much of her work focuses on Africa, and what she, as an African, is learning about the myriad cultures around her. Her work allows her to explore assumptions she has and nourishes her as she expands her conceptions of the world.



  • Oct 2000 Goethe Institute Abidjan, biannual festival "les Rencontres du Sud", plastic serie "Birth",
  • Sept 2011 “ Petite revue de l'art moderne et contemporain de Côte d'Ivoire ” An exhibition of contemporary Ivorian art organized by the Rotonde des Arts Gallery, documentary serie 'Ces Invisibles'
  • Oct 2011 "Bicici Amie des Arts" in Abidjan, documentary serie 'Ces Invisibles'
  • Dec 2011 Eureka Gallery, Abidjan exhibition plastic serie « Nappy »
  • June 2012"OFA 2012 Olympics of Arts" London Olympic games, Fine Arts serie "Nappy" London
  • Nov 2012Slideshow "On the Roof ", National Museum Cinémathèque of Bamako biannual, Bamako Photography festival, documentary serie 'Ces Invisibles'
  • June 2012International school Jules Verne, documentary serie "Instants de vie" , Abidjan
  • Sept 2012 "Bicici, Amie des Arts" Abidjan, plastic serie 'Akan'
  • May 2013 Photography Festival." l'Emoi photographique" plastic serie "Nappy", Angoulême
  • October / Décember 2013Private exhibition ASCOMA Company, plastic serie serie “Emotions à nu”, Abidjan
  • Apr / May 2014 Photography Festival." l'Emoi photographique "Série plastique "Hââbré*,the last génération"", Hôtel Saint Simon Angoulême
  • Jun/Aug 2014 AAA2014 exhibition, Fondation Donwahi for the Contemporary Art- Abidjan.
  • July/Sept 2014 "Pour les noirs et pour les blancs" Exhibition, Hierro des Villes Gallery, Nice, France, plastic serie “Emotions à nu”
  • Sept 2014POPCAP'14 exhibition in Basel, Switzerland - Series "Hââbré*,the last génération"
  • Sept 2014Documentary Photography Festival Barrobjectif - exhibition in Barro Charentes, France - Series "From Darkness to light"
  • Oct 2014
    • POPCAP'14 exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
    • POPCAP'14 exhibition LagosPhoto Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
    • Casablanca Biennale- exhibition in Casablanca, Morrocco "Series « Emotions à Nu » / "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
    • Exhibition of 50 Lensculture Emerging Talents- Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona, "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
  • Nov 2014
    • Exhibition "AGri-Cultures » Abidjan - National Museum of Civilisations , Abidjan, Series "women in agriculture »
    • POPCAP’14 exhibition, Eyes On - European Month of Photography. Vienna "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
    • POPCAP’14 exhibition Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Cabo Verde. "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
    • Figuration "3x3" à Dakar par la Maison d'Aïssa Dione, la Galerie MAM et la Fondation Donwahi , Dakar - "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
  • Feb 2015Exhibition LagosPhoto Festival at "Grid Cape Town Biennial International Photography Festival ", Series "Hââbré*, the lastgeneration »
  • April 2015Exhibition "Skin Deep" at The Troppenmuseum of World Cultures, Amsterdam - Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
  • July 2015Exhibition "Design is the personality of an idea" Ford Foundation, Lagos Series "Adorn"
  • August 2015
    • Casablanca Biennale At the French Institute of Valencia, Spain "Series « Emotions à Nu » / "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
    • OBSCURA Festival Screening , Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
  • September 2015Photoquai Biennale 2015 "We are family" Quai Branly Museum, and Eiffel Tower, Paris, Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
  • October 2015 Lagos Photo Festival 2015 "Designing Future" Lagos, Eko Suite Hotel Nigeria, Series "Awoulaba/Taille Fine »
  • October 2015"Bold (Feminine)" Exhibition Marcia Wood Gallery Atlanta GA, Series "Résilientes"
  • November 2015"Photolux Festival "Sacro e profano"Lucca, Italia, Series "Résilientes »
  • January 2016Africa Contemporary @ LA Art Show, Los Angeles- "Hââbré, the last generation"
  • February 2016Solo Exhibition - 50 Golborne Gallery- London- "Hââbré, the last generation"
  • March 2016"Find us on the map" Lagos photo Festival exhibition, Rush Gallery, New York, USA. series "Awoulaba /Taille fine"
  • May 2016KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO FESTIVAL 2016 - Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
  • July 2016 LES RENCONTRES DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE d'ARLES 2016 - Series "Persona, the social mask »
  • August 2016Festival Cinemas d'Afrique de Lausanne - Solo Show- Series "Haabre, the last generation »
  • September 2016Exhibition "Africa Forecast" Group show- Spelmann Museum -Atlanta ( series Resilientes and IG pictures)
  • AOctober 2016
    • Land of African Business Conference - Cop 22 - Hotel de l'Industrie- Paris (Series Resilients)
    • Casablanca Biennale, "We the people", Institut Francais de Casablanca ( Series Translation)
    • Also Known As Africa Fair, 50Golborne Art and Design, Paris, series "Haabré, the last generation"
  • November 2016Group Exhibition "The Female Gaze» Milan - Series "Awoulaba Taille Fine »
  • February 2017 Brught Young Things Exhibition - Art Africa Fair 2017
  • March 2017Lagos Photo Festival Exhibition " Where Future beats" Milan - Series "Resilients
  • March 2017Lagos Photo Festival Exhibition " Where Future beats" Milan - Series "Resilients
  • May 2017 Venice Biennale 2017 Venice - Series "Adorn » and " Translation"
  • June 2017
    • Exhibition "The Elusive Body" Festival Image Afrique , Basel , Series "Awoulaba Taille Fine »
    • Exhibition "Le Havre -Dakar", Musée d'Histoire naturelle, LeHavre, Series "Adorn »
    • Exhibition "A fleur de peau", Abbaye de Daoulas, Brest, "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation »
  • June 2017Exhibition "A fleur de peau", Abbaye de Daoulas, Brest, "Series "Hââbré*, the last generation
  • July 2017 Festival International de Photographie pour les femmes photographes - St gilles Croix de Vie, France "Series "Résilientes
  • September 2017Monopoli Photo Festival, Monopoli, Italy (PHEst 17) "Series "Awoulaba/Taille Fine »
  • October 2017solo Show "BITTER" à Beurs Van Berlage , Amsterdam "Serie "Bitter, Chocolate Stories"
  • November 2017
    • Also Known As Africa (AKAA FAIR) Paris "Series "ça va aller
    • Lagos Photo Festival , Nigeria "Series "Translation"
  • Décember 2017 Afrotopia, Biennale internationale de la Photographie Africaine de Bamako 2017 "Series "ça va aller"
  • Janvier 2018 Afriques Artistes d'hier et d'aujourdhui Fondation Clément et Fondation Dapper, Martinique "Series "Nappy" et "Persona"
  • February 2018"Africa is no Island",Opening exhibition of the Musuem of African Contemporary Art Al maaden, Marrackech ( MACAAL) series "HAABRE THE LAST GENERATION"
  • February 2018 1:54 CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Marrackech "Series "Ça va aller"


      • POPCAP'14 Prize Africa 2014 "Hââbré, the last generation" - Winner
      • LensCulture Emerging Talents Awards 2014 "Hââbré, the last generation" - Winner

    • Fourthwall books Award 2016. Winner - "Hââbré, the last generation"( Ongoig project of Publication of "Haabre The Last generation in a photobook)
    • 2016 Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund Grant Series "Sissi Barra" - Winner


  • june 2015 : Ifirty contemporary art center, Essaouira Morocco
  • February 2016: Ifirty contemporary art center, Essaouira Morocco
  • September 2017: Nirox Foundation, Johannesburg, South Africa


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  • New York Times Lens Blog


  • Represented by : 50 GOLBORNE GALLERY À LONDRES




  • 2016 HAABRE THE LAST GENERATION, Fourthwall Books Editions
  • 2017« BITTER Chocolate Stories », Paradox Editions, The Netherlands